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A.D.1907 - +1973










1) The price of the Volume 2 paperback (formerly $22.00) has been LOWERED.
2) The Volume 2 paperback is now AVAILABLE ON A CD either alone, or with a copy of the paperback. The CD has additional documents on it, with more to be added. See below for details.
3) I have increased the discount to seminarians and young pastors.

The new price for the Volume 2 paperback, when ordered alone in the continental U.S. is now : $19 + $4 S&H = $23.00.
(PLEASE add $.50 S&H for each additional copy.)

The price of the CD (Version 4.0) of Volume ordered alone is: $12 postpaid.

VERSION 4.O of the CD has PDFs of these documents on it. All are by Arthur Carl Piepkorn unless otherwise indicated. Many have never been published.
1. Copyright information and Instructions on the use of the CD.
2. A copy of Volume 2.
3. "The Legendary, Beloved Arthur Carl Piepkorn." Compiled by Philip James Secker.
4. "The Celebrant's Self-Communion."
5. "The Architectural Requirements of the Lutheran Cultus." See description below.
6. "What Happens after Death According to Lutheran Hymns." by Philip James Secker. See description below.
7. "A Partially Annotated Bibliography of the Personal and Professional Writings of Arthur Carl Piepkorn." By Philip James Secker. 55+ pages.
8. "Valid Celebrations" of Holy Communion.
9. "A Glossary of Foreign Terms in Volumes 1 and 2 of Piepkorn's Selected Writings." By Philip James Secker, Donald Veitengruber and other volunteers.
10. An Errata for Volume 1 of Piepkorn's Selected Writings." By Philip James Secker, Donald Veitengruber and other volunteers.
11. "Arthur Carl Piepkorn on the 'Schism of Authority' in Lutheranism." By Philip James Secker. Presented at the 42nd Annual Symposium on the Lutheran Confessions" at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, 2/2009. See description below.
12. Suggested Readings in Volume 2 of Piepkorn's Selected Writings." By Philip James Secker.
Later versions of the CD will include documents that would not fit in Volume 1(I had nothing to with that volume) or Volume 2, but if you order version 4.0 you may buy later versions at a much reduced price or obtain a limited number of selected documents for free by email attachment (I have not worked out the final details as of March 17, 2015).

The price of BOTH the Volume 2 paperback AND the Volume 2 CD is $24 + $4 S&H = $28.

If you have already bought Volume 2 in paper from the ACP Center, you may buy the Volume 2 CD for $8 postpaid.

If you are a seminarian or out of the seminary fewer than five years, you may deduct $3 from all of the above prices.

I will be sending the Volume 2 CD gratis to overseas Lutheran seminary libraries as well as to many U.S. seminary libraries that do not have a printed copy of the book. Donations to support this effort are appreciated.

The Architectural Requirements of the Lutheran Cultus, by Arthur Carl Piepkorn. I have added an introduction, footnotes, an index and a quiz that can be used with lay people. We have freedom with regard to things that are neither commanded nor forbidden by God, but that freedom is not absolute and by subscribing to the Book of Concord, we have accepted three limitations on it. Pastors, building committees and lay people should be familiar with what is in this monograph before they build new churches or make any changes to the architecture and furnishings of their churches.

"WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH According to Lutheran Hymns," by Philip James Secker. This document was inspired by Arthur Carl Piepkorn. Although I cite primarily hymns from the LSB, I looked at all that apply in TLH, SBH, LBW, LW and ELW. I expected many to say that at death believers go immediately to heaven in the full sense of the word (other than not having a resurrection body), but I found only one hymn text in all of those hymnals that says that, and I consider it an aberration since its author has also written a hymn that refers to an intermediate state between death and heaven in the full sense. The rest of the hymns either refer to an intermediate state, imply the existence of one, or do not rule one out.

The following document is now available at "Arthur Carl Piepkorn on the 'Schism of Authority' in Lutheranism." The Director delivered it at the 42nd Annual Symposium on the Lutheran Confessions" at Concordia Seminary, Fort Wayne, on January 21, 2009. The schism is between the Sacred Scriptures interpreted according to the Lutheran Symbolical Books and biblicism, which Piepkorn defines as direct appeals to personal interpretations of the Bible (see Volume 2, pp, 84-85). Those interpretations may be correct or incorrect. That is not the issue. The issue is that they cannot be made binding on consciences if they have no warrant in the Lutheran Symbolical Books. For more information, see under Current News.

My Arthur Carl Piepkorn Bibliography is also available at

The Center Director has made six 5-6 hour PowerPoint presentations on Piepkorn and his theology to five different chapters of the Society for the Holy Trinity (NYC Metropolitan, New England twice, California, Florida and Upper New York) and has invitations to four more chapters, though no dates for them have been set as of June 2012. He has made presentations about Piepkorn at many Circuit and other pastoral conferences. He travels from CT to San Diego 3-4 times a year and can easily stop off somewhere to make a presentation of any length for his expenses plus a $200 honorarium.


John H. Elliot related the following in a December 2008 email to the ACP Center Director:

"Piepkorn was admired by all, as you know. Fr. Ray Brown, my old friend and an ardent admirer
of Piepkorn, knew him as a fellow member of the RC-Lutheran Dialogues. Ray considered him
--these are his words-- "the most brilliant theologian he had ever met."
And Ray had met most of the biggies in his life. Quite a tribute to Arthur Carl.

You can PREVIEW and do a limited number of COMPUTERIZED SEARCHES
with concordance-like results of:

  Volume 2, of the Selected Writings of Arthur Carl Piepkorn CEC Press: 2007.

  Foreword by Robert Kolb
  Edited and introduced by Philip J. Secker
  Mansfield CT: CEC Press, June 2007.
  xlviii + 313 pages = 361 pages. 1000 copies printed.
  See above for pricing and discounts.

For search instructions see the "Vol 2: Computerized Searchs" page.

There are many reasons why it is better to read Volume 2 before you read Volume 1:
1) One needs to know how our Church views the Sacred Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions before looking at specific doctrines.
2) Volume 2 has a more complete biography of Piepkorn and a more extensive introduction.
3) All foreign language in the text and important foreign language in the notes has been transalted.
4) An errata (available free from me by email attachment) is essential to read Volume 1. None is needed for volume 2 as the few typos in it can all be figured out.

Volume 1 can be ordered from It can be ordered from me if I have copies on hand and if you order it along with Volume 2 or the CD of Volume 2. I charge what it costs me, which is $17.00 plus the prices for Volume 2 or for the CD. If you buy it with CD of volume 2, please include $4.00 for S&H. See details above.

Pr. Heath C. Curtis has recruited about a dozen volunteer pastors and seminarians to type out Piepkorn documents that do not lend themselves to optical characer recongnition software because the original is a typescript or a printed document that that was poorly printed or has a lot of underlining. Contact me if you want to assist. You may choose a topic or even a specific document and I will send you a grahics image PDF to work from. You can view it in one window and type in another. You can choose Easy, Medium, or Hard documents. The Rev. Don Veitengruber and Deacon Joseph Morrison are also typing documents.

The question most asked of me with regard to the Arthur Carl Piepkorn Center is "When will volumes 3 and 4 will be out?" I found that putting out volume 2 took an enormous amount of time, effort and expense. The cost just for formatting, printing, ISBN number, copyright permissions, and three ads came to $7,700.00 for 1,000 copies. That is without anything for many trips to the archives in Elk Grove Village,IL, thousands of photocopies there at 25 cents a page, specialized computer hard-and software, office expenses, and hundreds of hours of labor. The result was a printed book that can't be computer searched, and has no index (useful indexes are time intensive projects even with a computer). Fortunately I have a good place to store the copies until they sell out, which they eventually will. I have taken in about $11,000 in sales as of June 2015. My major efforts now are adding digitized copies of articles by and about Piepkorn to the CD that contains Volume 2. Then I plan to put volume 3 on a CD. Doing these things will require copyright permission, which can be expensive. At first I will introduce the articles but not do extensive editing. The volunteers (above) are helping greatly with getting the documents that optical character scanning does not work with (carbon copies, handwritten documents, poorly printed or heavily marked up documents, etc.

My inventions. I received a letter from the US Patent and Trademark Office allowing me a patent on one invention, but I did not pay the issuance and publication fee because I have thought of a better way to solve the problem that my invention solves. Since we plan to move to a townhouse four blocks away I am selling the prototypes of my SuperNetTM to neighbors. I have received commendations for my invention from as far away as Brazil and Australian. One man wrote that by using my idea he can remove all of the leaves from his yard in one third of the time that it used to take. That is what I found too. You can see it by searching on Philip James Secker on FaceBook and YouTube.

The most common request I get is to be added to the Center emailing list. When I got a new laptop the list was not imported. I have it on my old laptop but have not tried to use it and have not sent out an email for over a year. I have a new but incomplete list on my current laptop. The best way to keep in touch with Center news is the Current News section of

I have now sold or given away more than half of the copies of volume 2 that were printed. It will eventually sell out, so if you want a copy, now is the time to order. I sent free copies to many pastors and libraries in third world countries.


14 Overseas Libraries:
Australia (Loehe Seminary*; Moore Theological College and Seminary), Canada (St. Catharines; and Saskatoon), China (Hong Kong)*, Germany, India (5 libraries)*, Norway*, Sweden* and Tanzania*.

13 U.S. Seminary Libraries & Archives:
2 LCMS: St. Louis (2 copies); Fort Wayne (2 copies);
7 ELCA: Chicago, Columbia, Columbus, Philadelphia, St. Paul, Wartburg, ELCA Archives*
1 ELS: Bethany, Mankato
3 OTHER: Dallas TS, Fuller TS, Union TS (NYC)

6 College and University Libraries:
Concordia University in Irvine and in Mequon; Valparaiso University; St. Louis University, St. Anselm College*, Library of Congress

Three libraries cannot be identified since they ordered through library services companies.

*=Donated by the ACP Center. If you want to donate one to your alma mater, contact the Center.

BOOKSTORES that carry it: Concordia Seminary, St Louis, and Concordia Seminary, Fort Wayne, stock it regularly; Concordia University, Bronxville; and Concordia St. Catherines, Canada, have sold it but may not have it in stock.

IT IS OR HAS BEEN USED AS A REQUIRED TEXTBOOK IN FOUR SEMINARY COURSES AT: Concordia University, Bronxville; Concordia Seminary, St. Louis; and Concordia Seminary, St. Cathariens, Canada (four times).

SEMINARIANS and OTHER STUDENTS: If your bookstore does not carry Volume 2 of Piepkorn's writings, see the special Seminarians and students' discount on the "Vol 2: Ordering Information" page.

Many of the articles and documents in Volume can be used for devotional reading.